Results of Residents Services Survey (April 2016)

The JMC conducted an online survey for owners and tenants during 30 March 2016 – 10 April 2016. Invitations for the survey was sent via email to 197 owners and 8 tenants. A total of 56 owners (28.4%) and 0 tenants responded.

In the survey, we asked respondents their opinions about the necessities of certain services which have been proposed to the JMC. As the provision of such services would incur costs impacting all residents, the JMC decided that a survey must be done to gauge the level of need before embarking on further feasibility studies and putting each proposal up to the JMB at the next General Meeting for vote.

The proposed services are:

  • A convenience store which will be operated by a third-party
  • A shuttle bus service to nearby locations such as Publika, Solaris Dutamas, etc.
  • A web platform for residents and management communications needs

The survey found that overall respondents, whether currently residing at Icon Residence or elsewhere, were in favour of all the proposed services. The survey also gathered key data on the expected level of use of the services by residents should such services be provided. Furthermore, the survey gathered a number of constructive suggestions from respondents, such as putting up safety mirrors at the building entrance and the provision more amenities at the rooftop garden.

The JMC thanks all respondents for your participation in the survey. The feedback is very valuable for us and helps us to identify areas for improvements which we will focus on in the next months will be used to inform our next actions.

We will perform more surveys from time to time and hope for more constructive feedback from all.

In the mean time, If you would like to obtain a copy of the survey report in more detail, or  if you have any complaints or suggestions, you may contact the JMC from our contact form or directly via email at


New Bank Current Account No. 8602524946

We are pleased to inform you that a new bank account has been opened by the JMB to manage its funds and payments.

Kindly make all payments via cash/cheque/TT for the invoices received related maintenance, utilities, quit rent, insurance etc. to the new account and the payment advice must be sent to the Management Office to enable us identify the payee correctly and enter payment details into out accounting system.

If you have not paid for the invoice that had been sent to you earlier by MESTIKA KENANGAN SDN BHD, please also bank that amount into the account as mentioned herein.

The details of the bank account are as follows:-

Account Name:
Account Number:
Solaris Mont’ Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Bank SWIFT Code:
Branch Code:

Should you need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the management office at +603-8605 3318.

JMC Report for the First Quarter 2016


It is the end of the first quarter of the year, and four months have passed since the JMB was formed.  Here is are the highlights of the JMC’s activities in the past quarter.

Formation of the JMB & JMC

The official Certificate of Formation of Joint Management Body was issued on 29 February 2016

The official Certificate of Formation of Joint Management Body was issued on 29 February 2016

The Icon Residence Mont’ Kiara Joint Management Body (JMB) was formed at the inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 19 December 2015, according to the provisions of the Strata Management Act 2013.

The JMB is a corporate body comprising the Developer and Purchasers of Icon Residence, which is responsible for the maintenance and management of the building and common properties. The duties and powers of the JMB are exercised by the Joint Management Committee (JMC).

At the AGM, 14 members of the JMB including the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary were elected into the JMC.

JMC Group Photo at the 1st Annual General Meeting
The JMC comprises a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and three Subcommittees. We are committed to ensure Icon Residence is maintained to the highest standards of upkeep for the best quality of life for its residents and future growth in value for its investors.
Meet the Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Joint Management Body (JMB)?
The JMB comprises the Developer, Mah Sing, and Purchasers of Icon Residence. That means if you own a unit at Icon Residence, you are a member of the JMB.
Who are the Joint Management Committee (JMC)?
The JMC are members of the JMB who have volunteered and been elected to exercise the duties and powers of the JMB on behalf of the JMB. The Developer is also a member of the JMC.
Is the Developer still responsible for the defects of individual units and common property?
Yes, the Developer is responsible to rectify any defects found in individual units and common property while still within the Defect Liability Period.

Rejection of the Proposed Budget and Management Fees

Not everything went smoothly at the AGM. The JMB did not approve the new budget and higher management fees proposed by the management company at the AGM, because it did not find the increased estimations to be reasonable.

This made it necessary for the JMC to urgently seek an alternative estimate to present to the JMB for approval at a later date.

Stabilisation & Selection of New Property Management Company

In the past three months since its formation, the JMC has been working hard to manage the transition of duties and responsibilities which had until this time been handled solely by the Developer.

The first thing we did was to get organised by forming subcommittees which can focus on the various tasks that needed to be done such as obtaining the owners and tenants registry, auditing the status of defect rectification works, and reviewing the contracts of suppliers and vendors.

Secondly, we had invited six candidate property management companies to submit their proposals to replace the incumbent, Mestika Kenangan, whose contract has expired. As a result, Crest Consulting Services was chosen as the new property management company and will officially take over from Mestika Kenangan on 3 May 2016.

Survey For New Residents Services

The JMC is also evaluating additional services to be provided to residents such as a shuttle bus to Publika and other nearby destinations, a grocery store, and an online web portal to allow residents to communicate more easily with the management and each other. It would be great if you can complete a short survey to help us gauge the level of demand for such services at Icon Residence.

Outlook for Q2 2016

In the next month, the JMC is focusing on the handover processes between the outgoing Mestika Kenangan and incoming Crest Consulting Services who will officially begin their tenure as Icon Residence’s property management company on 3 May 2016.

Preparations are under way for the upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting on 22 May 2016. Crest is now assisting the JMC in the estimation of the new budget and proposed new maintenance fees to be presented in the EGM and we will be sending out information packs to the JMB (in electronic and printed form) in advance.

The JMC looks forward to introduce our newsletter as well as other improvements to Icon Residence in the coming weeks. We hope we can collaboratively work towards making Icon Residence the best living environment for all occupants.

Preliminary Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting on 22 May 2016

There will be an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)  held on 22 May 2016 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Function Room at Level 7.

UPDATE 14 May 2016: Due to ongoing handover of accounts between Mah Sing and JMB/Crest the EGM is postponed.

All owners of Icon Residence units are eligible to vote, and are invited to attend or to nominate a proxy for their vote.


  • Maintenance and sinking fund fees for the year 2016 – 2017

Residents Services Survey

We are looking into the feasibility of some services that residents may be interested in. This includes: new shuttle services, grocery  store and an online residents portal. But in doing so, its important we get feedback from residences and ensure there is demand for these services before we include them in the proposed maintenance fees.

It would be great if you were able to complete a Residents Services Survey so that we have a clearer view of the services that you require and so that we can collaboratively work together to ensure Icon Residence can be the best living community environment for all the owners and occupants.

We will be sending more information closer to the date of the EGM.

Other Matters For Inclusion In The EGM

If you have other matters which need to be discussed and voted for in the EGM, please write to the Chairman at or use the Contact Form.