Notice of 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11 March 2017

2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Time & Date Sat 11 Mar 2017, 10AM
Venue Function Room, Level 7

We will be having our 2nd Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 11 March 2017, beginning at 10.00AM at the Function Room on Level 7.

Your information pack with some important documents has been mailed to you on Friday 17 February 2017 by registered mail or can be picked up at the Management Office. A digital copy of the pack is also being sent via email. Please call or email if you did not receive it.

Kindly attend the meeting where your votes on important issues will be requested. If you are not available to attend you may nominate a proxy to vote on your behalf, using the forms attached with the pack.

Your presence at the AGM is very important. Please attend and exercise your rights as per the Strata Management Act 2013 (757) & Regulations.

Please direct any enquiries to the management office by phone +60386053318 or email

Thank you,
Secretary, JMB

Revision of Service Charges Effective 1 October 2016

During the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 3 September 2016, under Agenda 3 Resolution 1: Proposed Revision of Service Charges for Icon Residence Mont’ Kiara, the meeting with a majority of approvals has resolved to adopt the resolution to increase the Service Charges with effect from 1 October 2016.

The owners present at the EGM approved that the Service Charges will be revised from RM0.32 per square feet per month to RM0.57 per square feet per month effective from 1 October 2016.

Pursuant to the increase in the Service Charges, the Sinking Fund increases accordingly to RM0.057 from RM0.032 per square feet.

The rationale for this decision is documented in the Minutes of Meeting linked below.

Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Management Office at 03-86053318 or email us at

Download Minutes of the EGM

Power Supply Disruption on 24 August

Total Shutdown of the TNB supply to the High Tension Room, LV Room and Gen-Set Room at Icon Residence for Electrical Calibration

Dear Valued Residents,

We wish to inform you that there will be a temporary power shutdown of electric supply on 24th August, 2016 for the purpose of statutory servicing of the TNB High and Low Voltage Electrical Supply System to facilities at the Icon Residence.

This is an exercise that needs to be carried out once every two years to satisfy the Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Electrical Power Commission) statutory requirement for a safety check of all the above mentioned facilities.

Appended below are the shutdown times and the implication to the Tower where you are residing:

Date: 24 August 2016

Time Task Impact
10.00 am to 11.00 am (TNB Incoming No 2) – Total shutdown of the incoming supply to the HT room to calibrate the equipment’s, transformers, the generator set’s AMF Panel and Main Essential Switchboard. There will be absolutely no power supply to the common area Tower 1, 2, and 3 i.e. all Lifts and lights will be down at common area.However the individual residential units still have power supply.

If there is any emergency please use the fire escape staircases or call the management office at 03-86053318 or Mr. Lingam – 0193551348 for assistance.

11.00 am to 12.00 pm (TNB Incoming No 2) – Service and maintain the LV equipment’s and MSB switch board All individual residential units, all lifts and lights at common areas will be functioning.
2.00 pm to 5.00 pm (TNB Incoming No 1) – Total shutdown of the incoming supply to the Tower 1, 2 and 3 HT Room to calibrate the equipment’s, transformers and LV Main Switchboard. There will be absolutely no power supply to the individual residential units at Tower 1, 2, and 3.

However all lifts and lights at common areas will be functioning.


  • In our best effort we will try to minimize disturbance to the residents and we will maximize the manpower to work in parallel to have the units electricity turned on in the shortest possible time.
  • We apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind understanding as this is a statutory requirement which we cannot avoid. The times given serve as a guide only albeit any other unforeseen circumstances.
Should you encounter difficulty due to some emergency please call the management office at 03-86053318 or Mr. Lingam – 0193551348

EGM Postponed

Due to ongoing handover of accounts between Mah Sing and JMB/Crest and coincidence of Wesak Day on 21 May, the EGM originally planned on 22 May is postponed.

We will inform the new date two weeks before the EGM.

Crest Consulting Services Begins Contract

Effective Tuesday 3 May 2016, Crest Consulting Services will take over from Mestika Kenangan Sdn. Bhd. and begin their contracted services as the property management company, representing the JMB for day-to-day management duties and all collection of fees

The new building manager from Crest is Mr. Sunthara Lingam.

Crest was selected from a tender process done by the JMC in Jan-Feb 2016, and the JMC looks forward to the beginning of an important and valuable partnership with Crest towards the efficient management for the upkeep and betterment of our property.

Collection of Payments for the JMB

Any payments made to the JMB i.e. maintenance, sinking fund, assessment, insurance, utility charges, etc. in accordance to the Sections 21, 25, and 34 of the Strata Management Act 2013 (Act 757) will be collected by Crest and deposited into the Joint Management Body’s bank account as detailed below:

Account Name:
Account Number:
Solaris Mont’ Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Bank SWIFT Code:
Branch Code:

IMPORTANT: Please make all future payments including those invoiced by Mestika Kenangan payable to the account above.

Developer’s Responsibilities

The Developer, Mah Sing is a member of the Joint Management Committee and is responsible for all defects in individual parcels and common areas, until the end of the Defect Liability Period for each Icon Residence tower blocks. Crest will assist in all matters relating to common areas, but owners must contact directly with Mah Sing to follow up on any outstanding complaints. A  representative from Mah Sing is stationed at the management office at your disposal.


About Crest Consulting ServicesDato Mohan R Karthigasu, Founder and CEO of Crest Consulting Services

Crest Consulting Services is a boutique property management company based at Solaris Mont’ Kiara.

Crest’s portfolio includes Dua Residences, Tiffani Kiara, Troika, Hijauan Kiara, and Suasana Sentral, among others.

Crest is led by its Founder and CEO, Dato’ Mohan R. Karthigasu who has over 30 years experience in the property management industry.

For further information about Crest, visit their website at: