One of the first tasks for the Committee after our formation was to evaluate a new property management company to replace Mestika Kenangan, whose contract ends upon the official formation of the Icon Residence Joint Management Body.

The Finance Subcommittee invited six candidates to participate in a tender which took place over the months of January and February, and presented their findings to the JMC at the monthly meeting on 5 March 2016. At the meeting, the JMC voted for  Crest Consulting Services (Crest) based on the Finance Subcommittee’s recommendation which sought for the best balance of management expertise and cost for the property management company.

Crest will take over from Mestika Kenangan and begin their contracted services as the property management company, representing the JMB for day-to-day management duties and all collection of fees, effective Tuesday 3 May 2016. 

The JMC looks forward to the beginning of an important and valuable partnership with Crest, and thanks the Finance Subcommittee comprising Mr. CK Tan, Mr. Leon Hiew and Mr. Javier Ch’ng for their successful work of handling the tender process.


About Crest Consulting ServicesDato Mohan R Karthigasu, Founder and CEO of Crest Consulting Services

Crest Consulting Services is a boutique property management company based at Solaris Mont’ Kiara.

Crest’s portfolio includes Dua Residences, Tiffani Kiara, Troika, Hijauan Kiara, and Suasana Sentral, among others.

Crest is led by its Founder and CEO, Dato’ Mohan R. Karthigasu who has over 30 years experience in the property management industry.

For further information about Crest, visit their website at: